Ends on December 1, 2018

Prose submissions must be double spaced and no more than 25 pages (approximately 6000 words). 

Artful Dodge is interested in things that have a way of coming back to you, like cicadas, which stick themselves in the ground for seventeen years or some other primary number and wait to pop back into your head just as soon as you’ve forgot about them. We want things that look at the world with the eye of an archeologist: make us see past the veneer into a world where everything matters. And, while you’re at it, show us why it matters, why it enchants us. 
We are not interested in any genre pieces that do not transcend the boundaries of the genre itself.


Speaking of cicadas and such, a sample of things we like can be unearthed on our website under the Past Selections tab, including “Locusts” (Sarah Nawrocki, AD 28/29), “Archaeology” (Mary Tartir, AD 30/31), and “The Last Offering” (Olga Grushin, AD 40/41).