Ends on December 1, 2018

Prose submissions must be double spaced and no more than 25 pages (approximately 6000 words). 

What we are looking for conveys a sense of place as well as of language, of decoding as well as describing. Part Edward Abbey and part Walter Benjamin. In a world that is constantly being revised and recreated, sometimes we are searching for a photograph capturing crisp detail in the midst of a tornado. Other times we want to know how the world works, and we think you might be able to tell us. We do know that we’re especially interested in nature and environmental writing, but we’re also interested in memoir.   Some people claim poetry is autobiography with line breaks, but we also see poetry in prose trying to communicate like poetry.  We could go on and on, but you might just want to look at Jeff Gundy’s “Nobody City,” a reverie about Prague, Franz Kafka and the ghostliness of place (AD 52/53), or Kathleen Lee’s “Parasites,” wherein she reflects on having parasites while abroad in Kathmandu (AD 20/21) in order to get what we mean.  Nature isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, we get that, but it’s also not always a mud-crawl. This may be real life but Artful Dodge is looking for its match made in heaven.


The works provided above can be found on our website, under the Past Selections tab.