Ends on December 1, 2018

Normally, Artful Dodge doesn’t accept unsolicited artwork, though there are exceptions. But—as with our written content—your work should not have been published or graced the pixels of the internet yet.


We are also quite interested in works that bridge the gap between word and image. That doesn’t mean illustration or typography (some sort of brand new type font), but rather collaborations of word and image (by different artists or by the same one), where the two elements complement each other and build a relationship that transcends what either piece is when displayed in singularity. If you’re having trouble picturing what we mean by this, check out the series of poems and paintings by Tess Gallagher and Josie Gray which adorn the pages of AD 46/47 and Jody Servon’s collection of artwork found on eBay paired with their original descriptions, which appears in AD 50/51.  Even further back, we might want to look at Rat Rondell in AD 14/15 or Kathe Kowalski in AD 16/17 whose work also somehow combine word and image.