Artful Dodge has always been attracted to writing with a sense of place and looks for work that combines the aesthetic and the human in fresh, unexpected ways. However, don’t ask us what that statement means–all we can say is that the work we print shows awareness of the cultural landscape out of which it comes, the words and deeds of people and the language of the bus stop and bar as well as everything the poet or prose writer has read in their entire lives. It involves an illumination of the particular and the concrete, and the transforming of this here-at-hand to the level of the permanent, the mythic. This can be accomplished in ways as diverse as William Carlos Williams’ wheelbarrows, Elizabeth Bishop’s maps, Langston Hughes’ rivers, or William S. Burroughs’ disrobed lunches. But some sort of interplay between focus and transcendence must be at work.  Our staff is dedicated, but small. Please wait at least six months before querying. We are working as fast as we can.  

Please read a copy of Artful Dodge to get a feel for what we like to print. We have a small selection of past works on our website and blog. If you would like to read a Dodge in its entirety, however, please order a copy of the magazine through Submittable ($12 for our most recent issue or $5 for a back issue).

Artful Dodge gladly accepts simultaneous submissions but we do ask that you let us know as soon as possible if your work is submitted elsewhere. Please withdraw your submission through Submittable if this is the case. If you have submitted multiple poems and one (or more) is no longer available please let us know which poems are still available using the note feature on Submittable.

Currently, contributors receive at least two copies of the magazine in which their work appears. Additional copies for contributors are priced at 50% the regular price. 

For those of you who are interested in submitting work, keep an eye out for our next reading period.  Our most recent reading period, which opened in fall of last year, has closed, so we are no longer accepting submissions for that reading period.  This includes submissions sent by snail mail.

$5.00 - 22.00
$5.00 - 22.00
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